New project!

Hi there,

I’m involved with a new poetry/music project and wanted to share it with you all.

I hope you like it.



Bald Man Stories and Poems

Hi folks, I’ve written a series of short stories and poems called COGS and they’re available to read over on Wattpad for free. The stories contain surreal, black humour, and horror elements to them. So if cautionary tales about Hobo Dancing and diary writing zombies are your cup of tea then you’re sure to enjoy them. 

It all makes sense now

I was chatting away with the Father while making a brew. Once it was made I had to quickly run to the bathroom. 

As I was about make my way to the bathroom I realised the Father has a certain talent when it comes to talking about the morning ritual. 

Sometimes he uses this talent to recite poetry. 

The Father: “Goodbye my gentle shite. You’re smooth and brown and egg-shaped at the end to stop my cheeks from clashing together.”

Me: “Lovely!”

Suddenly all my idiosyncrasies are starting to make sense to me. # BaldManProblems