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Are you not fond of poetry?

I was out for lunch with the Auntie earlier. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so we had a good bit to talk about. We were dinning in an establishment where, I assume, people come to have high and well to do conversations without anything unruly being overheard from the individuals sitting next to them. Neither of us are really known for having a filter when we converse with others. The conversation started off quite pleasant then it turned to how I was getting on in college. I was telling her how I was discussing Philip Larkin’s poetry recently.

Me: “Yeah, I was analysing some of Philip Larkin’s poetry. I’m really quite fond of the guy. There’s one poem that I enjoyed but made me think Larkin was into some weird stuff.”

The Auntie: “Like what?”

Me: “Well, one of the poems I was reading was called, ‘A Study of Reading Habits’. It’s about the poet reading books as a form of escapism. He starts off reading adventure stories in the first stanza then goes onto, what I think, in the second stanza, erotic fiction. Like the last lines in it were: “The women I clubbed with sex! I broke them up like meringues.” It makes it sound like he was into S&M and thought women were sugar sweet an easy to break up.”

The couple next to us start to shift uncomfortably and try to carry on ignoring each other on their phones.

The Aunite: “Maybe he just found them in a club and wasn’t interested in the violent stuff.”

Me: “Maybe. It’s open to interpretation. I just thought it sounded like he was into the rough stuff.”

We seemed to make the couple even more uncomfortable when we started talking about erotic fiction and how it’s crucial that the books have a good story and well written sex scenes, otherwise you’ll just lose interest.

The couple then decided to leave, quite abruptly I must say, before we finished out talk.

Some people really don’t appreciate literary discussions. # BaldManProblems.