That’s a new one

I was idle at the information desk when a man came up to me in a rush.

Phil: “Hey! I’m looking for books on recorders.”

Me: “Howiya!?…I’m not too sure about books but we do have recorders. If you come over with me we can see if there’s something there.”

We arrive over at the music section and there’s no books.

Me:”Sorry, mate, there’s nothing.”

Phil: “No,no! Not books! I’ve lost someone who was looking for books on recorders and thought they might have asked you!”

Me: “Eh…no. No one has asked me or ever asked me for books on recorders.”

He dances on the spot and scratches his head.

Me:”Maybe you could give them a call on their phone?”

Phil:”Ah, no, no. I’ll keep looking.”

Off Phil went looking about for someone instead of calling them.

That’s a new one for the books. # BaldManProblems


Fancy some Bald Man Art?

Hi there,

My artwork is now available for purchase. If there is anything you see that you would like drop me a line. You can follow the( link here ) to my page.

I hope you like what you see and to hear from you soon. Either way, enjoy the page.

Thanks for your time.

Much love,

Bald Man

I’m back on the creative wagon!

Hello, my fine followers.

I hope this post finds you well and that you are also well and the day/evening/night are treating you equally well…that’s a lot of wells…

Anyway, the reason for this post. I’ve created a Facebook page to showcase my art. If you have a spare moment and would like to check it out you can follow the link (Click Me)

Hope you like it

All the bald love.

Man Flu is a crafty one

The Father has been run down with Man Flu this week. I was concerned for him, but I didn’t think much of me catching it because of my youth. I said aloud while dancing around the room:

“Haha! Man Flu.  Come at me, bro! You can’t touch me. I’ve nothing to worry about.  I’m in good shape.  I’m never sick. You haven’t got a chance against my immune system. I am *cough, cough*.”

I sit down as a fit of coughing engulfs me and come to the realisation that one shouldn’t boast at Man Flu. It had set in as I was dancing and was waiting for the right moment to show me who was boss.

The arrogance of youth. # BaldManProblems

You don’t come here that often, do you?

I went to see a play at the weekend with my other half. It had been years since we had last attended the theatre so we were both excited to see what we would make of it. Upon arriving we were struck at how the lobby reminded us, and smelt, like the waiting area for a ferry. This wouldn’t put us off because we were soon drinking fine wine, but not before I picked up the tickets from the desk.

As I mentioned before it had been years since I attended the theatre so I was a bit out of practice when it came to picking up the tickets.

I approached the desk.

Me: “Hi there! I’ve to pick up two tickets for the play tonight.”

Ann: “Of course! What’s the name?”

This struck me as odd because there was only one show on, it also caught me off guard.

Me: “Eh…”

I start to point at the poster of the play behind her–“Oh, that one there behind you.”

Ann: “Ha! No! What’s your name?”

Me: “Oh, right! Haha! I thought you wanted the name of the play. Silly me. I’m a bit out of practice with this sort of thing.”

I give her my name and get the tickets.

Just when I thought I was crotch deep in culture and sophistication I go and make a tit of myself. # BaldManProblems

Do you hear that?

Her footsteps sounded like suction pads on the wooden floor as she approached me on the information desk. She was vertical challenged and peered over the top of the desk at me.

Jill: “Hi!”

Me: “Ah, hello there.”

Jill:” I’m looking for a right handed pen.”

Me: “Haha! That’s a good one. I never heard that one before.”

She glares at me.

Me: “Oh! You’re serious! Well…any pen would do the job.”

She’s unhappy with my response and snaps back–“I just want a pen to write with!”

Me: “Right, well you’ll have to venture upstairs for them so.”

There’s a slight pop from beneath her feet as she scampers off towards the stairs.

As I continue to sit at the desk I can feel her eyes burn into the back of my head as she passes on the stairs.

On a scale of one to odd that was an eleven. # BaldManProblems