I seem to have forgotten…

I sat down for my first lecture of the day and wrote out the module title. That was fine. The trouble came when I began to write out the date. There was no issue of me writing down the date and month, the bothersomeness came with the year.

I turn to my classmate.

Me: “Stupid question, but are we 2015 or 2016?”

Bern: “Are you serious?”

Me: “I am, yeah.”

Bern: “It’s 2016!”

Me: “Ah, grand! Thanks.”

Not my proudest moment, but if you think that’s bad, one time I forgot what age I was. # BaldManProblems


It’s all fun and games until…

I’ve started trying to wear more lose fitting boxers instead of the bottom-sac hugging ones I usually wear in order to have a better sense of freedom when I walk around. 

This is all well and good but there are moments when I forget if I have put on underwear. 

This happened to me at the bus stop this morning.
I was standing there, waiting away. A mother and her daughter where a little way down from me waiting away as well.

Panic struck and I let out a little yelp thinking I forgot my underwear because of the new found sense of freedom loose fitting boxers had given me.

They turn and stare at me.

Me: “Sorry…I, eh…thought I forget my keys.”

They just turn back and continue their conversation.

Life’s all fun and games until you forget if you’re wearing underwear. # BaldManProblems

He was digging deep

A gentle drizzle was falling from the sky as I made my way to the bus stop. This was a nice sensation to feel on my face. It was like little fingers were poking it quite sporadically. There was also the sound of singing birds in the trees. I thought this was bliss until I arrived at my bus stop.

Standing about 5ft tall was a man with an ear bud wedge deep within his ear. With each twitch of his hand a slight smile formed at the corner of his lips. We made eye contact for a second and all I could think to do was smile at him.
He returned a jovial grin, emitted a hearty laugh, and then flicked the wax encrusted ear bud away.

This morning held so much promise and is now tainted in a waxy build up. # BaldManProblems