One art please!

The air was fresh and felt good to inhale and exhale yesterday. My love slice and myself were wandering around the City Centre and decided to drop into an art gallery to view an exhibition that was going on.

We had to ring to gain access to the gallery. 
Upon entry we were greeted by a stuffy bald fellow who made no effort with us. He was one of those stuffy types who got off on licking discarded canvases. This didn’t deter us and we went on to view the art work on the ground floor.It wasn’t much to look at, a few dribbles of paint on a blank canvas. Nothing to write home to Aunty Agnus about that’s for sure.

Moving on to the first floor we found there was more life to the art work here. One artist painted on vinyls. My guess is she didn’t know how vinyls worked and thought painting on them would unleash the music. It’s a shame that the artist couldn’t unleash an emotional response from us with their work. Maybe we just didn’t get what they were trying to achieve.

As we looked further around the gallery the canvas licking fellow appeared in the doorway and just stood there and looked at us.

We gazed back.

He gazed on.

Standing there for about twenty seconds in silence we could hear the paint continue to dry on the canvas.

He shuffled his feet and jingled his keys and continued to stare.

Arthur: “I’m closing up the gallery now.”

Me: “Oh, right! Grand.”

We leave the gallery.

I know I’m bald and so was he. But I think he failed to realise that the lack of hair follicles on our head does not mean we can communicate telepathically.

OH! Maybe he didn’t know that wasn’t possible and was having a conversation with me in his head thinking I could hear him?

Hmmm…guess I’ll never know. # BaldManProblems


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