It’s just not easy…

As I look around at the tired, sad faces of my fellow students I can’t help but feel solidarity.

We all have that one begrudging thought as we make our way to lectures– “Wish I got my feckin’ Hogwarts acceptance letter!”

It’s not easy being a muggle.
# BaldManProblems


No laugh? But I made a funny.

Everyone has those moments where they say something that they find hilarious to someone but it’s lost on the other person. I had one of those moments today.

A French woman came up to the service desk looking to do an exchange.
She placed the book down on the counter that she wanted to change.

Fiona: “Hi, I would like to return this book. It turns out I already read in French.”

Me: “Oh, this book is much better in English. HAHA!”

Fiona: “What?…Oh, yes…Can I pick something else?”

Me: “Yeah, sure thing. Go have a wander and come back when you’ve found something else.”

I laughed to myself quite a bit about my joke. It’s a real shame she didn’t get it, though. # BaldManProblems

Do or do not. There is no try.

We were asked to try and interpret a statement made by a philosopher in class today. I decided to have a bash at it. While giving my interpretation I mentioned butterflies and how it’s not a possible to turn into one because I’m not a caterpillar.

Lecturer Phil: “So you’re saying you can’t turn into a butterfly?”

Me: “Well through cosmetic and re-constructive surgery I could blossom into a beautiful butterfly. Without it, no, I couldn’t.”

Lecturer Phil: “Hmmm…Interesting.”

Feckin Philosophy. # BaldManProblems

Easy like Sunday morning me hole!

So far Sunday morning has showered me with a few predicaments. The first one let itself in while I was making coffee for Andy and me. I was loading up the cups with coffee, then I went for the sugar. Now, as I held the sugar in my hand my mind decided to go off and do its own thing and left my hands to themselves. A bit inconsiderate if you ask me. When my mind came back it observed the mess my hands made in the two cups.

Me: “Hey Andy?”

Andy: “What’s up?”

Me: “Are you OK with sugar in your coffee?”

Andy: “Why?”

Me: “Well my mind wandered while I was making it and now there’s sugar in both coffees.”

Andy: “How much sugar?”

Me: “Just the one.”

Andy: “Ah, it’s fine.”

Me: “Great!”

The second predicament arrived as I was messing about on the painting app on my computer.

Me: “Hey Andy! What’s the name of that stylus thing you can connect to your computer to make using paint a bit easier?”

Andy: “Eh, a stylus.”

Me: “Haha! Oh right. I answered that one myself.”

Oh Sunday, you really pick your moments to get the better of me. # BaldManProblems